Full Qualified N.F.A.S. CRB checked Coaching with junior bows, finger tabs and arm bracers, for safety with infoor or outdoor targets.  Girls and Boys of all ages are sure to have lots of fun and a memorable time with a mix of educational history and hands on experience of archery and the medieval world. Now including medieval quarter scale seige engines, TEBUCHET,BALLISTA,CATAPULT and 10 Metre POPINJAY POLE.

Archery can be taught at indoor or outdoor venues, schools, sports centres, playing fields, village halls, hotels, etc.  Winter or Summer archery need not be weather dependant.

We give a talk on the History of Archery and its place in shaping historical events.  We supply a history of archery exhibition with a chance to handle longbows, crossbows, mongol, native American, compound and recurve bows.  Wooden, Metal and Flint ancient broadheads and composite arrows, altatl, swords, shields and armour.Medieval seige engines and Popinjay Pole.

If an outdoor arena or cordened off playing field is available we can offer an informed history of the atlatl and coaching in throwing this forerunner to the bow and arrow, as well as a crossbow experience,with seige engines and popinjay pole.

We will give the boys and girls a chance to dress up in medieval costume, armour, shield, and sword.  Enable children to experience and handle all of the equipment under supervision.  A chance to feel the weight of the armour and the exhilaration of loosing voleys of flu flu arrows into the air.  A perfect photo opportunity!

At a time to suit you, with minimum two hour sessions.

We can provide a modern version of an age old sport.  Exercise for the body and mind; with trophies, certificates and plenty of fun and informed discussion.

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